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Coley Kincaid

I was born and raised in Crandon, a small town in Northern Wisconsin. The long winters and easy pace allowed for ample time to lose myself in art. In addition to traveling throughout the country as a child, I spent a few years overseas while in the Navy. This helped tremendously concerning exposure to many mediums and cultures. Sinnerman is a unique Christian tattoo studio that compliments people from all walks of life. I am very open to exploring new arts, styles, and ideas and will hopefully live long enough to try them all at least once. There are many great artists, not only in the world, but in our area and I am humbled daily at the talent that surrounds me. If I had a "best" feature, it would be my ability to interpret my client's wishes and "read" what concept best suits their idea. Don't sweat the details when inquiring about work, design is included in your tattoo. All you need is an idea. Best of luck in whatever medium or artist you choose.

Your Artist,

Heart Tattoo

Cat Pross

Cat Pross

While growing up in Rhinelander I found myself spending most of my time inside. I filled my days with crazy art projects, drawing, painting, listening to music, and of course like most of my generation, messing around on Facebook. As I got closer to the end of my Senior year and starting narrowing down my career options I kept coming back to Art. I finally made up my mind that nothing would be cooler than watching my art walk away happy and chose tattooing! I will attempt to make you laugh, I will always do my best, and we will always have fun!!!

My favorite style is Traditional, however I am growing to appreciate and love so many more. I am so excited for this journey and very thankful to share it with you all.

Your Artist,


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